Tony Lapratt creator and instructor for the Ultimate Whitetail Bootcamp. We’ve waited several years to write a review of our experience and now friendship with Tony.  He has blown us away with how he has helped us manage our 70 acres that we had been actively managing prior to working with Tony & his concepts.  Our 70 acres commonly held 15-20 deer prior to working with Tony, & we knew we need to improve that. Through working with him to create an ideal deer habitat, we have increased our 70 acres to where it consistently is holding 60+ deer with many more visiting and moving through our property.  We did this by using his plot design & maze methods.  This has resulted in us successfully taking several nice deer off of this property in the last 2 years.  Not only has Tony’s concepts amazed us, but the practicality and results, are where the real proof is. Make sure to Check Out Tony’s White Tail Boot Camp.  You wont regret it!