Man are we excited for 2021.  In 2020 we launched our updated Cam Stump, but for 2021 we have the new Stumpy Blind.  This blind brings the best of many worlds together.  This blind has a beautiful treelike texture combined with the strength & longevity of being built from Rotomolded Plastic.  This blind can comfortably sit 3 men or a small family.  I personally enjoyed hunting out of it this year with my wife and 1 1/2 year old son.  We stayed nice and comfortable hunting this blind from the ground.  With the stand for the Stumpy, you can easily get this blind up in the air as well.  Best of all this need product easily fits in the bed of a pickup truck and can be driven or rolled to your location with minimal effort.  Make sure to follow along to see what other products we will be launching in 2021, after keeping our nose to the grindstone in 2020 to produce the best products for you, our Great & Loyal Customers. Written By Zach Clevenger