The Ultimate Deer Blind

The rounded corners and bark-like exterior of the Stump Blinds are professionally crafted for one purpose — to become invisible.

The result of years of research, Stump Blinds has engineered the hunting industry’s ultimate deer blind. To a deer, square-shaped blinds scream “man-made!” Stump Blinds are built round and are specifically designed to resemble a real tree. The result? Large bucks saunter on by as they dismiss the blind as the real thing.

Patent Pending


Stump Blinds 'The Ultimate Deer Blind' comes in two separate 8-foot-tall sections. The bottom section features a concealed entry door, while a ladder and trap door are included as part of the top section. What’s more, eleven windows fully surround the top of the blind, providing you with a true 360-degree visibility.

Plus, every Stump Blind is carefully crafted using the highest-quality materials, and set up is easy. Just place the bottom section on a level surface, add the top section, glue and screw the two pieces together, and you’re ready to hunt!

Exterior Dimensions
Width: 7'
Height: 16'
Interior Dimensions
Width: 6.5'
Height: 16'

Product Specifications

Weight 1300 lbs

Stump Blinds


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